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Why Tavavna Crane Co.?

Tavana Crane is proud to be one of the country’s top industrial units in manufacture of road and construction machinery and its components which has all the designs of parts are according to the European standard and the quality is available to our customers. The 35-year history of managers and engineers is one of the reasons of the well-known reputation of this collection. Getting the top international certificates and standards of our country are another confirmation of the quality of the products and services of this complex, including other services of Tavana Crane : Tower Crane import, Sales of Tower Crane, Rental of Tower Crane and Production of Batching Plant, Purchase, Sale and Import of Workshop Elevator

How to apply a pre-invoice?

To request a pre-invoice, visit the home page of your product. On that page, you can see the pre-invoice request link. By completing the required information in its form, the pre-invoice will be sent to you by email or fax at the shortest possible time. Obviously, the pre-invoice will be issued to provide more information only and it informs you about the cost of purchasing product.

What is the service and maintenance and guarantee of Tavana Crane products?

The powerful Tavana Crane technical team is available on a 247 basis as soon as possible, serving respectable customers base. All imported, manufactured and repaired products by this unit are provided with warranties and after sales services. In occurance of any possible problem, the Tavana Crane technical team will immediately respond to the request of client to solve the problem and indicate its reason to the customer. It should be noted that in the need and agreement of the customer, the warranty period can be increased to any desire extent.

Are all products presented on the site ready to be delivered?

Due to the high volume of orders, Tavana Crane’s effort has always been to provide most of the imported products in Iran’s warehouse. Otherwise, the product you are interested in can be delivered within 30 days after the contract is made. Imported Tavana Crane Products: Tower Crane’s of Potain and Alimak Workshops elevators

What should be done if the purchased products have a technical issue or defect?

Tavana Crane Complex, while guaranteeing the quality of its products, does not deliver any product to customer without final confirmation of delivery. However, in case of any technical problems and defects in the function of the product, notify the after sales service department by e-mail or telephone call so the technical team of this company will be deployed as soon as possible.

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