The policy of the department of after-sales service of this complex is the provision of warranty service and repairs of the products of Tavana Crane Co. using the original parts in accordance with the standard instructions and procedures of the manufacturer’s factories. Implementing this policy implies the availability of devices and increasing their reliability.

Therefore, with the expertise of experienced technicians and having a 4,000 square meter workshop environment, the company owns a factory in the Chahar Dangeh of Tehran with a total area of 400 square meters.

Based on the company’s policies for the provision of distinct technical services, this unit can dispatch technical units at maximum 48 of working hours, even in the most remote parts of our homeland.

Also in the field of technical services, Tavana Crane Co., while completing the technical staff, provides the desired capabilities in order to satisfy its customers and with only one call, the repair unit will be deployed to the project site (currently, the service will be provided in Tehran).