About Tavana Crane

Tavana Crane Co., was founded in 1981 to import and sales service of construction machinery, including Tower Crane, Workshop Elevators and Batching Plant, which has sales and after-sales departments for several top European leading brands such as Peteon and Liebherr and Alimak. Relying on the high expertise ability, import and production of machinery with a construction quality  and utilizing the technical and experienced staff are the criterion of the activity of this complex. The supply unit is committed to providing customer satisfaction with full support for products in the shortest possible time

Main Goals and Activities

  • Import of all types of tower cranes from 3 to 20 ton with flashing length of 30 to 70 meter
  • Manufacturer of original various spare parts
  • Appropriate warehouse for superior service support
  • Installation, commissioning, service and maintenance
  • Repair the parts in the central repair station of Tavana Crane Co. and ability to dispatch experienced skilled units at the site of the Tower Crane deployment site
  • Take advantage of experienced consultants to provide the best option
  • Import and supply of construction machinery such as tower crane and workshop elevator
  • Production and supply of Batching Plant of German Liebherr scheme 40 cubic meter
  • Production and supply of elevator workshop of Alimak plan 1 and 2 tons
  • Supplier of original various spare parts of construction machinery
  • Ensure the originality of all parts and equipment
  • Ensure the excellence of all parts and equipment
  • Delivery of parts all around the country at shortest time
  • Experienced and trained technicians used for troubleshooting and specialized repair
  • Providing maintenance service and dispatching technical staff to repair and troubleshoot at the project site